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Musicology and Sister Disciplines
by England) International Musicological Society Congress 1997 (London, International Musicological Society. Congress, Sociedad Internacional de Musicología. Congreso Internacional, International Musicological Society, Società internazionale di musicologia

Drawing on the work of leading experts from around the globe, Musicology and Sister Disciplines provides the definitive, authoritative statement on the scope of musicology today and its relationship to other fields of academic endeavour, including philosophy and aesthetics, literary studies, art history, mathematics, computer science, historiography, and sociology. These groundbreaking papers represent the outcome of a major musicological conference in 1997, and include contributions from the philosopher Bernard Williams and world-famous mathematician Roger Penrose.

La charge cognitive
by Lucile Chanquoy, André Tricot, John Sweller

Les auteurs procèdent à un examen fondamental d’une notion centrale en psychologie cognitive, touchant à l’importance que représente la conception ou la mise en oeuvre d’une tâche mentale déterminée. Un thème qui débouche sur des considérations pratiques telles que la surcharge mentale ou les situations d’apprentissage et de travail scolaire.